Don’t Miss the Party!

Charlestown Residents and Friends,  
All are welcome to attend the Charlestown Historical Society’s Patron’s Party on September 20 at the Gill Farm.
This is a real party.  The evening will start at 5:30 with hors d’oeuvres and a live six piece country band playing to bring joy to your heart.  An excellent dinner will follow provided by Aquilante Caterers. There will be plenty of good food.
Charlestown residents will be honored with their pictures in the barn and in a dinner program booklet.  
The band will play again and those interested in dancing to the music will have extra joy.
Make reservations by contacting Barbara DeWilde at or
calling her at 610-827-7530 or cell phone 610-202-0019.
Come share the beauty of Charlestown at the Gill Farm Party.  
The CHS party on September 20 is $55 per person and $100 for 2 people.

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