CHS Mtg Nov 12 @ 7-9pm: Charlestown Township Trails

hiking1 Come learn about the trails of Charlestown Twp!

            The citizens of Charlestown are very fortunate to have six Charlestown Township Trails to hike on to enjoy the scenic beauty of Charlestown.   We also have the Horseshoe Trail which was founded in 1935 traverse the Township as it routes itself from Valley Forge Park to the Appalachian Trail northeast of Harrisburg.

            Many of the trails have been created and or enhanced by members of Boy Scout Troop 67, which included five Eagle Scout projects.  Pete Warner, Scout Leader and Paul Hogan, a long time Charlestown resident, provided the leadership for the Scout projects           
            At the meeting, you will be given a map of the Township Trails and the Valley Forge Trail.  There will also be pictures of the trails and note cards you can purchase with pictures of the Charlestown Township Trails.
            We will share our experiences using the trails.  Sue Staas, Chair of the Trails Committee and others will be present to tell us about how the trails came into being.  As of October 2014, two new trails were opened.  They are the Thompson Trail on Union Hill Road and the Ice Dam Trail with an entrance off of Pickering Dam Road.
            Each of the Trails has their own historic significance.  For example, the Pickering Ice Dam Trail was the former site of the lake where ice was harvested, stored in the winter and shipped by train to customers of the Philadelphia area and beyond.  The trail in Charlestown Park was once part of the Valley Forge Army Hospital.
            Join us on Wednesday evening November 12 to learn about the history of the trails in Charlestown.
Nov 12, 2014 7-9pm
Charletown Historical Society Meeting
Charlestown Elementary School Cafeteria


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