CHS Mtg * Nov 11 * Honoring Veterans

         7pm – 9pm
History of the Valley Forge Military Hospital
        November 11 is Veterans Day.  Join us to honor all veterans as we learn about the Valley Forge Military Hospital.  The hospital was located in Charlestown and Phoenixville.  Dr. Dan Mortensen, Executive Vice President of Valley Forge University on Charlestown Road, will be our speaker for the evening. He has researched and made a DVD with pictures explaining how the military wounded were helped at the hospital after World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.  Residents of Charlestown and Phoenixville volunteered at the hospital. Aerial View VF General Hospital, c. 1960
        Please join us and bring friends and neighbors to learn about the history of the Valley Forge Military Hospital.
The meeting is at the Charlestown Elementary School, Classroom Number 1.  
Park and enter on the left side of the school.

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  1. Hello to all.

    We are offering a small round wood table and 4 chairs in fair condition as well a 3 card tables and 12 chairs. All of these items offered free from an Aunt’s house clean out. Would the Society be at all interested?

    Pete and Judy Goodman

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