CHS Newsletter – March 2021


This is our Society’s first newsletter of 2021 and we are now able to celebrate the arrival of spring and the end of a rather challenging winter. We can also be glad that more and more of our members and Charlestown residents are being vaccinated against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic situation has affected all of us in differing ways, and all of us can look forward to further improvements in overcoming the COVID virus, and some return to normalcy.

The winter weather, plus the need to stay separated and safe, has affected CHS in several ways. Because the local school system could not allow outside groups to hold meetings in school buildings, CHS could not schedule any meetings during the past year. Also, we could not participate in Charlestown Day and other activities, or hold events like the Memorial Day ceremony or our summer concerts. We do not expect to be able to hold any meetings this coming spring, and as of now, we don’t know if we will be able to schedule any of our outdoor concerts this summer. The May 2021 Newsletter should have updates on our future activities

Our small but very dedicated Tuesday morning volunteer group had to stop meeting for the winter because of the weather and the pandemic, but they hope to be able to resume work on the archives and other materials at the this spring. Anyone interested in helping with this should contact one of our officers. When the group does resume meeting, anyone can call the W-R house at 610-827-7138 to check if open. Hours are generally 10AM until noon or so on Tuesdays.

MEMBERSHIPS: Once again, it is time for membership renewals. CHS is strongly encouraging everyone to renew, even though we have not been able to have any recent activities for memben to participate in. Renewal forms and reply envelopes are enclosed with this Newsletter. Dues for 2021 are unchanged at $15. for single membenhip, $25. for families, and $10. for senion over 62.

DONATIONS TO CHS: The Society is also asking our members and supporters to further support our group by making a separate donation this year. Since we haven’t been able to have any fund-raising events for well over a year, there is growing need for support for our ongoing expenses. Please consider making a donation to CHS now, even if only for a small amount like $10. or $20.00. Any donations will be most appreciated!!!

CHS is a 50l(c)3 non-profit organization, and donations (not dues) are fully tax- deductible as allowed by law.

CHANGES IN CHS OFFICERS: We are delighted to announce that Mr. Peter Magiso, a long-time member of CBS, has offered to take over the job of Treasurer from David Greer. Dave has served as Treasurer for many years now, and the Society wants to thank him for doing this important job for so long. Peter Magiso grew up in the area and now lives in Charlestown Twp. (for 14 years) with his wife Karen and his daughter. Be is quite interested in history and also local nature and wildlife. He is looking forward to helping preserve Charlestown history and being involved in community activities. CHS wants to extend a very grateful thank you to Peter for his taking on the Treasurer position.

Also, past President John Pittock is assuming the position of Vice-President, since our past V-P, Darrah Ribble, has relocated to New Mexico. We thank Darrah for all of his help with so many of our activities for a number of years, especially with our summer concerts and videotaping of many Society events.

Mr. John Martin is currently serving as our acting President (and deserving of a big THANK YOU!! from all of us). If anyone would like to volunteer for this position, please let one of our officers know. In addition, we are in need of a Secretary to help with our public and CHS Board meetingsNancy Pittock continues as our Corresponding Secretary, sending out cards and thank-yous to members, and helping with the CHS Newsletter.

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  1. Hi. I’m trying to get in touch with John Pittock. This is Patricia Patterson. I gave John an extensive history of the Wells/ Funk family about a year ago. I’ve tried calling but get no response. I don’t have another copy. Would you be so kind as to ask him to get in touch with me? Thank you so much. My email is: or 610-524-5882

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