Railroads in Charlestown – May 13 CHS Meeting

Railroads of the Past

Presented by Jacob Merriwether

The second spring meeting on Wednesday May 13, 2015 will feature a talk by Jacob trainMerriwether on the Phoenixville and West Chester Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad.  Built in 1882-1883, this railroad passed through Charlestown Township, and tracks and roadbed are still visible between Devault and Buckwalter Road.  Between Frazer and Phoenixville there were 9 “stations”, several of which were in our township. This railroad was one of the most profitable branches of the Pennsylvania Railroad as it allowed freight bound for the Schuylkill Valley to bypass Philadelphia.  Jacob will project news clippings, maps, photos and a timetable at the presentation and talk about why the railroad was built.  If anyone has information of any kind on this railroad that would be suitable for inclusion in this presentation, please contact Jacob at webadmin@charlestown.org.

Please join us during CHS’s open meeting on May 13 at 7:00 p.m. in Charlestown Elementary School.

Charlestown Elementary School:  Please use the left entrance at the left side of the school near the office.

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